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SEA-SAFE is an universal inspection company covering a big variety of survey activities and commodities such as crude oil, products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, grain, metals, plastics etc. Assuming the specialties of each commodity we issue all sorts of documents which are well accepted by our clients, major banks and customs authorities i.e.:

• Certificate of quality;
• Certificate of quantity;
• Draft survey;
• Marine survey;
• Bunker survey;
• on-off hire survey; etc

Relying on our professional performance many companies use us as superintendents in Thailand and abroad. The SEA-SAFE Supercargo report and Loss control analysis a growing very popular among our clients.

Employing highly educated personnel, majority with university degree, SEA-SAFE is a reliable partner for many Thai and international clients and state authorities. All senior inspectors have graduated The Merchant Marine Training Centre of Thailand. The companies personnel strictly conforms with the safety regulations and use intrinsically safe equipment recommended by Marine Department

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